The sun has returned!!! (All be it briefly)








So the clouds have parted, the roads have dried up (a bit) and the sun was shining.  Also, I wasn’t working a weekend.

We decided we had to get out and enjoy.  Mel is lazing about in Costa Rica at the moment and Ben is revising hard for some exams, so it was just the two of us.  A nice walk around Dartmoor, running around after a clearly lost dog (we didn’t catch it), trying to tempt some Dartmoor ponies to come home with us and some standing around dramatically on some cliff edges – all in a standard Sunday afternoon.

After that, it was time to explore a little byway (open to all vehicles, according to the map) and have a little play off-road.  It wasn’t really a challenge for the 110, but it was a fun little amble and Kate got to play with her camera with out any need to stop.  

The next little trip is hopefully going to be to get the underside of our 110 a steam clean and waxoyl to protect it from salt and water.  Just need to find the time.

(ps – I know the track looks flat in one, while the fender is wonky – There was a big ditch on one side)



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