A weekend of fun

This weekend gone was finally a chance to get out and about.  

Ben had previously been tied up revising for exams and the closest he got to paddling was reading his notes, sat on the living room floor, in his new kayak.  I (Matt) unfortunately had been working, and Kate generally needs a shove to get out of bed in the morning, so that counted her out.  This time however, exams were over and there was no work.  

First item on the list was a trip to Exeter to have a chat with a local 4×4 enthusiast – Jeff.  He gave us some advice, pointed out some vital parts, made some work suggestions and pointed out some of the local green lanes.  Hopefully we can meet up with Jeff again soon, as he is clearly an experienced off-roader.  Apparently there is a Scuffle soon (not quite sure what that is yet) so maybe we will see him there.

Saturday Ben took his new play-boat to a weir in Exeter and tried to overcome three years of lack of practice – now I am a keen diver, spear fisherman and sailor, but even to me it sounded cold and wet.  Kate and I on the other hand went for a walk in the winter sunshine with some friends back from an ultra marathon in Finland, followed by a very very good pub lunch (recommend the Rugglestone in Widecombe).


Sunday morning we all met up again (Ben had camped overnight at Dartmeet and already been for a run by the time we all got together) and went for a wet and windy walk.  Great fun!  Striking some poses on Bone hill rocks and breaking in Ben’s new boots – you can’t get much better.


Afterwards we decided to practice in the Landy – almost got her stuck.  Great fun and learning and quite a good photo opportunity.  Once done we headed back to town and got down to the “basics” with an attempt to do a service – oil, fuel and air filter change as well as full change of oil.  It took quite a bit longer than we expected – but we did it!  More importantly, she is still running and next time we will understand what we are doing.

Hope everyone else got out and had some fun this weekend!  Keep a look out for a big white defender with a snorkel and a wheel on the roof – if you wave at us, we’ll wave back!


All the O4erland team.


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