O4ERLAND have had a productive few weeks, conversing with a few companies and will have some more exciting announcements soon!

#Dewerstone is a local company that makes some really cool apparel clothing! Rory and Ben are seasoned overlanders and have a passion for travel and expeditions!


Our Ben has been following #Dewerstone for a while, loving the style and quality of the kit. We approached Dewerstone and very quickly received a reply! The whole team will be receiving ambassador packages from #Dewerstone, which we shall use in the run up to the expedition, during and after for media, adventures and our upcoming videos. They are also offering support with the planning, tapping their vast knowledge!

#Dewerstone hold adventure close to the heart and are experienced chaps, all clothing is hand finished and looks sweet! You will see more about them over the next few weeks! Please have a look at their website and check out the AWESOME clothing.

#Dewerstone are five months old but are going places fast! Keep an eye out for more lines, more kit and some sweet developments!



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