A quiet week….

After the excitement of announcing our first sponsor – the wonderful chaps at #dewerstone, last week was a bit of a quiet one in terms of trip preparation.

For Mel, she was off in a rain forest somewhere being eating alive and generally being minimally communicative due to the lack of internet – which is as to be expected.

Ben was back at his studies with a very minor detour to a national white water event where he appears to have been providing ‘safety’ cover while dressed as superman and diving into artificial rapids.  I do not doubt that he was very safe at all the appropriate times – just probably enjoyed himself when it wasn’t necessary.  He will hopefully provide a bit of an update about that seperately.

Matt and Kate were on holiday – their first week off together since October.  A chance to get to the Alps and try and enjoy some of the cracking snow they had been having.  And enjoy they (we, as I am one of them – so cue a change of person for the rest of the post) did.  The snow was fantastic, the weather was fantastic, the birthday celebrations for Kate were fantastic and the French food and drink was fantastic.  A big thank you to Dynastar and Alex’s sports for a pair of the new Cham 87’s – can’t recommend them enough as great fun, go anywhere ski’s. (I was that close to sallanche that really it had to be Dynastar’s)

In terms of our planning and other overland related activities I am afraid it is a bit thin on the ground for last week.  Very little occured, although I believe Ben spent as much time as possible nose deep in his new maps – so that’s helpful.  However the Land Rover is booked in for a chassis treatment and MOT soon!  And will be re-taxed before the end of the month.

I am preparing a video from the trip to the Alps but a few things are limiting my progress.  Firstly, I am more the rugged, outdoorsy, mechanic type member of the group.  I have never edited a video in my life and unlike several of the others, have little ability at doing so.  Secondly, my ancient and almost dying laptop also has little ability at doing so.  Lastly, the footage isn’t brilliant due to various mounting issues.  But we will see!

All the best

The O4erland team!

Get outside and Enjoy this weather.Image


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