A brief update – O4erland are going Green!!

It’s the WEEKEND!!!!

In true O4erland and our fabulous sponsors, Dewerstone, fashion, we are off out into Dartmoor to appreciate the weather and sceanary.  But more on that later – with photos!

We have had a little bit of exciting news brewing over the last few weeks, and although I can’t give the full story yet, I can give you a little insight.

This week the O4erland team met with a truly ground breaking pair.  They are really pushing the boundaries of science and just like Dewerstone, are a local business.  The summary of our meeting is that the Landy is going to have some monitoring over the next few weeks (by myself).  I will record how she drives, how her MPG is over various conditions and terrains and what her emissions are like (MOT soon).

At the end of all that, we will be making steps to possibly make this trip one of the greenest, cleanest and most efficient trips in a Defender ever!!!  This is amazing news, because although our trip is relatively low impact in that we will be wild camping, using minimal tinned foods and hopefully producing minimal waste, it is difficult to walk away from the fact that a 19 year old Defender is not the most eco-friendly machine.  Africa has some of the most incredible ecosystems in the world and changes to our Earth’s climate are effecting that.  If we can reduce our effect and maybe spread the word, then it is worth it.

I’m afraid that is all the info I can give for now, but we will up date you when we know more and are further forward.

The O4erland team

(PS for comedy purposes, here is Mel practising Lilo surfing.)

mel river


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