Sleeping on a hill!

Friday night, the beginning of the weekend, a few fallen through plans and a mild yearning for adventure. A few stolen text and a rambled call later Matt and I met on the outskirts of Plymouth before picking our way cross country to The Rock Inn at Yelverton for a spot of Dinner and to spread out some maps on a large table. The food, atmosphere and staff were lovely, we attracted some interest from other customers and were able to practice introducing our plans, finding it surprisingly easy to form a reasoned explanation off the cuff.


We spent a few hours chewing the fat, I was constantly impressed by Matts seeming ability to pronounce African place names so convincingly! We looked at a more detailed route and had a little peruse of Tracks4Africa. We became increasingly excited talking of border crossings, climbing equipment, white water rafting and visiting schools, hospitals and water aid projects.

Although we could have carried on looking at place names, ferries and border crossings all evening we were aware that the night was just starting!

A quick drive to the base of Sheepstor later, and we were meandering our way through the boulders to the main event, one of my favourite climbing locations in the South West. Sheepstor is a beautiful location with only a few minutes of steep walking to access the rock. Its south east facing with a good chance of a great sunrise. Matt set up his new tarp with a monopod and mop handle for poles (Mr Organised) using large rocks for pegs due to another minor packing error.





With a bit more Africa chat and some staring at the moon we retired, Matt to his tarp and I to my Bivi bag, trying out my newish Snugpak sleeping bag.




 A comfortable night was had by both of us. I managed to wake for a brief glimpse of a colourful pre-sunrise dawn, but as I was using my DSLR peli case as a pillow I only managed to snap it with my iPhone.

We awoke to an eerie morning, with some beautiful fog formations engulfing and swirling between neighbouring tors. I always feel refreshed and rejuvenated, with a renewed passion for the outdoors after a night sleeping under the stars! Waking up with nothing between you and the sky is invigorating in the same way diving into crystal clear, ice cold water is. Blowing away the cobwebs, being outside, appreciating the beauty and openness of local landscapes. 


It was an early start as we both had plans for Saturday. Plenty more #microadventures to come! 

#Microadventures are a great, easy, cheap way to fill the time whilst planning your next big foray. Now back to reality… for another week at least!



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