World Water Day 2014

Saturday is World Water Day!

Clearly this is an important day to recognise regardless, but as our trip is going to be related to water aid in Africa, it is something we really want to promote.

The objectives this year all revolve around the link between water and energy throughout the world.

The key messages are:

  • 768 million lack access to quality water supplies, with 2.5 billion lacking quality sanitation.
  • Water requires energy and energy requires water
  • Supplies are limited and demand is increasing.
  • Saving water is saving energy and vice versa

I don’t know what you are planning on this day. Some people are planning an attempt at a water challenge – to live off just 7 litres all day. I am sure others live off less than this, but I have been told that this is a minimum western nations want to achieve.  If you take in to account a shower, 2 litres drinking, toilet, teeth cleaning, washing up and cooking it could be pretty hard! Guess something got to give…….  Even just cutting your water usage for the day would be a good start.

For the time being at least, here at O4erland we have added our names to Water Aid UK’s pledge list that will be displayed in London on Saturday and then presented to the government to help push them towards providing better funding for water aid.

Please visit this link and join your name – and perhaps you would be willing to make a donation at the same time.

Otherwise I hope you all enjoy the weekend!  It could be a warm one.


All the O4erland Team.


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