Quiet grumblings

The last week or so has all been a bit quiet. 

This is by no means due to lack of excitement, interest or developments.  It’s just we are all rather busy with our day to day jobs. Boring I know.  Of course the good news is, that with the change of clocks we have much more time in the evenings to get out and play.  So lets hope it happens! Soon.

Ben is back on placement, out and about on the Ambulances of South Devon.  Which means he is present and correct when the call comes in requesting his presence for a microadventure.  Mel continues to live the highlife in the Jungles of Costa Rica.  It sounds so tough!! I’m not sure I could face it.

However, things will change – This weekend, the Landy is off to have her Chassis treated, some other bits and pieces sorted and it’s MOT done.  Quite a mission I think, as It is going to involve driving all the way to London, getting the train home and then returning again a few days later.  But it will be worth it.  Chris at CSK Land Rovers is quickly building a very good name amongst enthusiasts and I really look forward to meeting him and seeing what he can do.

Alongside all this, there is alot of work going on into planning a spares and repairs lift (Any advice on this matter, please get in touch) as well as border crossing plans and work into our water charity.

We will be back on the adventurous road soon!  We promise.

The O4erland team


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