How to get there!!

One of the major issues facing the team at the moment is planning how to get from Turkey to Egypt.

Originally I imagine driving all the way around the Med was the ideal choice. Interesting history, cultures and less logistical hassle. However there are a few issues with that route currently.

1) Syria is probably not the wisest country to enter at the moment. It may be fine in reality, but locals are unfortunately dying so we see it as a no go.
2) Entering Israel, which I am sure is a very interesting country, causes issues with visas and entrance to Sudan – and for our trip we really need to go through Sudan!!
3) The alternative involves Iraq and Jordan, which is possible, but we would enter Egypt at the Sinai – which is having some issues at the moment. Plus although top gear enjoyed Iraq, it may be quite hard to get access to.

The next travel option, used more recently, has been a ferry between Turkey and Egypt. This appears to have become the norm, but evidence would suggest that late last year Turkey shut the lines. It seems this is in some sort of protest against the governmental changes occurring in Egypt.

Hopefully that may change before we set off. It is surely the most obvious route and from other peoples trips – appears relatively easy. However if it doesn’t we will have a choice!
Do we pay for a shipment, roll on/roll off service (one is slightly less secure than other – but I have found such a service) or do we drive around!

I’m sure there are others planning for similar trips to this! So it would be great to centralise our information. So get in touch.


2 thoughts on “How to get there!!

  1. Have you found any new information? We’re planning on doing the East side in Land Rover’s too, setting off in November. We were hoping Sisa shipping would have reopened their route from Turkey – Egypt, but it seems like they’re not going to, they’re supposed to be doing ferries Turkey – Saudi Arabia in the coming weeks but we can’t take our RHD there. It’s looking like we’re going to have to ship our vehicles, while we (and our hound) fly out Will let you know if we find a better way! –

    • Hiya,
      Already following and envious of your Europe trip at the moment. Glad you go the camper back in the road after the engine failure. You plan to change from the camper van to a Landrover then? I am interested why as I reckon what you have is probably as reliable and more comfortable.

      No luck finding a new way across. RoRo seems to be the cheapest but hear a lot of horror stories unless you can lock up the living part of your vehicle separately to the drivers cavern. I have been hoping someone would cross this year but haven’t seen anything. Some people came around, but Visas for Saudi Arabia hard, plus the RHD issue, and that the Egyptian land border wasn’t allowing 4×4’s to cross last I heard.

      We are doing Australia and back to the UK first now, so have a bit more time to see how things pan out. I hope you find a good option, will look out for it on your facebook updates.

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