Sweet Nothings

We’ve been a bit quiet over the last few weeks, but don’t worry – all sorts of things are grumbling along.

Firstly, we have a domain name and with that will eventually (once we figure out how to make it) come a shiny new website

Secondly, we are doing some bits and pieces to the Land Rover. Currently the radiator is half out, with the intention of getting a new one in over the weekend or middle of next week. After that it will be time to see if we can get the engine running with the oomph it should naturally have.

Thirdly we have been generally getting together, chatting and planning together with several more similar sessions planned in the near future. This may sound (and you would be justified) like we get together, eat some grub and drink a few ciders, but it is really important we keep bashing out ideas and solidifying our thoughts.

Finally we have been working really hard with one of sponsors to help them release a new product. This has been such a good laugh and we have all really enjoyed promoting and spreading the word about the awesome new shorts #dewerstone have brought out.

It’s a case of little and often at the moment, but we are moving forward. Once again, if you feel like you might be able to help in one way or another, we would love you to get in touch. Particularly we are keen for help with roll cages, tents, water tanks and winches.

Matt and all the O4erland team


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