The proof is in the pudding

So I wrote this week that we really are getting on and doing stuff despite it being a bit quiet.

Well here is the proof…..

The old radiator is out along with the intercooler. I haven’t decided whether the intercooler is being replaced yet, it looks ok, but not pristine and it would improve economy and power if flow was better.

Intercooler & Rad

Intercooler & Rad


It wasn’t an easy job, although fairly simple. The fan you see was meant to come out, but I couldn’t figure it out. So it stayed and attacked me as I took the front apart.

Viscious fan (Viscous is it's realy name)

Viscious fan (Viscous is it’s realy name)


In sympathy for making me bleed, the Landy bleed a bit aswell.


Here is how I did it….

1) remove fan cowling +\- fan (which needs a special 32mm spanner and under does the wrong way. Need to be gentle, partly to prevent fan damage, partly to prevent damage to intercooler and radiator – more important if doing to clean rather than replace.

2) remove the top hoses from both radiator and intercooler. (Remove from engine side first so can move around a bit more

3) remove the front grill so you can get at the nuts that hold the top mount in place.

4) remove the bottom pipes from intercooler and radiator

5) remove the oil pipe from driver side of radiator and plug the radiator holes as will leak.

Remove both, very gently.

It’s a bit brief, but there are great guides written on various land rover forums.







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