The benefits of a guiding presence

This week our ability to all meet up, work together and plan is taking a rather significant (although planned for) hit.  Kate and Matt are flying to Australia in a few days where they will be working and saving money towards to expedition.  An incredible opportunity and one not to be missed, but not ideal with a trip to plan.

As a byproduct of this, Ben and Mell are taking over our Land Rover and the task of preparing it.  Progress on its preparation Is slow but steady.  Generally it involves saving for some time and then buying a bunch of stuff at once.  But there are also bits and pieces we just do not have the time or space currently to get done.  Obviously this puts us at a disadvantage but with regular poking and prodding it’s all useful skills picked up – and now it’s the other two’s turn.

What has been invaluable is the guiding hand of a local Land Rover guru – Jon Skelly, from Right Up 4×4 in Dartmouth. 

Jon has been living and breathing these brilliant machines for longer than any of us has been alive!!  He has been really helpful over the last 8 months, cracking on with some of the larger jobs like the new clutch and getting better power and economy from the engine as well as always on the end of the phone for when a mistake is made while tinkering.  

if you are in the Devon area and needing some work done then get in touch.  He’s on Facebook and a member of most of the Land Rover groups so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding him.   We just want to say a massive – Thanks Jon!  Hopefully you’ll stay involved until the day we set off and Kate and I will see you when we get back from Australia.  


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