One half in Australia

Clearly there are elements to our build up to Africa that are not going to be particularly expedition related. Kate and myself disappearing to Australia for a year is definitely one of them, but it is still part of our lives and preparation. After all, there is some incredibly challenging off road driving out here!!

How to you go start describing a country that on some levels is so similar to your own? We have a room with a comfy bed. The sockets, although taking different plugs, still provide it unbroken and with a switch on (not seen that abroad before). The shower is always hot, the fridge full and I can fill my glass straight from the tap. At traffic crossings I can be 99% sure the cars will stop and if I’m hungry the 7/11 has plenty.

So how is it different. Well it’s 6:15am, and I can tell you for certainty that the dawn chorus is a different world. I have been lucky enough to have been to other tropical countries, but they are glaringly different and you are ready and waiting for the oddness. But this morning seems so normal and then some unknown bird shrieks like a Star Wars laser.

The city is so lively, but in a more ramshackle all over the place like eastern cities. I can’t explain more than that, but it just isn’t as prim and proper as say Leicester square.

It’s winter, but we spent the day in shorts and tee. It is probably the perfect temp at moment. You’d need a jumper in the evening – but no a/c to sleep comfortably.

On one final level it stays the same however… Facebook is accessible and the ice bucket challenge has got to Kate.







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