A 4×4 overland expedition from the UK to Capetown SA

Pursue and inspire adventure
Educate future generations
Explore the impact we are having on other countries
Develop life-long skills and traits
Have fun!

In Autumn 2015, 4 of us (5 if you count the Landy) are going to set off from the UK’s very own Table Mountain and head south, over 8 months, and through numerous countries, eventually ending up in Cape town, SA and the better known Table Mountain.
On the way we will be living an adventure, exploring places none of the group have ever been before, visiting friends and trying to find hidden wonders.While we travel we will look at how the lives and communities in east Africa have evolved with the introduction of clean wells and pumps over the years by western NGO’s. Hopefully for the better, but almost certainly a significant difference for those living in the vicinity.

Our journey, adventures and the places and people we meet will be displayed online with video’s, photos, stories and interactive maps as well as hopefully relayed live to schools as we go.

Once we reach out destination, with three of us being from healthcare backgrounds we aim to spend a month or two in a SA hospital in a hope to gain experience from the high quality trauma services provided by SA’s health service. Then we will begin the long journey home and back to our friends, families and careers – or maybe to start planning a new adventure…..


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi guys, wish you all the best off luck on your journey. Reading your site I see you have made no mention of navigation or equipment. Accurate maps are a little thin on the ground and gps is good but if you incorporate gps and tracks4africa.co.za you have the best system out.
    I did the trip 4 years ago very smiler route so if you wish to pick my brain, feel free.

    • Cheers Bob ! We are still working on the site- equipment and navigation will come just as soon as we start to sort it all… Research is taking place. Any assistance/info will always be gratefully listened to. 🙂 Ben and all the o4erland team!

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