Sponsors and Supporters!

We would like to thank the generous support of our sponsors so far! 


#Dewerstone is a local Dartmoor based company that makes really cool clothing! Rory and Ben are seasoned overlanders and have a passion for travel and expeditions! #Dewerstone are kindly supporting us with some high quality clothing, amazing O4erland stickers (coming soon!) and being able to tap into their amazing overland knowledge.  Please click on their logo to learn more.


Griffin PNG

#GriffinForensics are a leading data recovery and computer forensics company, they appreciate the challenge of keeping Data safe and backed up. They are providing us with some super fast, rugged, solid state drives to keep our data safe on the road. They are also providing USB data sticks to send data back to the UK, where they will back up our videos, photos and written accounts to some hard drives in the UK. This invaluable support will allow us to have a rolling data storage system!  Please click their logo to learn more.





#DeVerde or #Hydrogensolutions are a local company based in Paignton, Devon.  Over the last decade, Jon has developed a range of units suitable for all size and types of engine – motorcycles, boats, cars, 4×4 and HGV’s.  The units use electrolysis to split water into Hydrogen and Oxygen which is then added to the air the engine takes in for it’s combustion.  Evidence has shown that this then increases efficiency of fuel use and torque.  The outcomes are increased MPG, Power and decreased emissions.  Jon has very kindly agreed to provide a unit for our trip.  Currently we have a test module in place and we will be feeding back as things develop.


#CSKLandrovers have been trading since 2010.  Chris grew up with Land Rovers, buying his first before he could legally drive and turning it into a Defender worthy of a 4 page spread in Land Rover Monthly.  He particularly specialises in turning your land rover into a stunning, luxurious beast.  However he is more than capable of creating an off road demon or expedition beauty.  Chris kindly donated his high quality Dinitrol chassis treatment to give our chassis the best protection against the elements.


If you are interested in supporting or sponsoring us please contact below!


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