The Route

This is our provisional route – It is likely to change and adapt, but also we will get an interactive map up and running shortly.


African countries particularly are subject to change, given the political climate in several at present.

We will probably spend around two weeks in each African country.  This will however be dependent on political situations, delays due to entry issues (Egypt is notoriously slow) and exciting places we find on the way.

It is likely, provided things go smoothly, that Egypt and Sudan will be shorter than the 2 weeks, while Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania may well be longer as we would like to try and do some trekking.  Ethiopia would help acclimatisation, but Mnt Kenya and Kili would still need around a week each for safety, followed by plenty of time to visit the wildlife parks.  These are also prime water project countries and so we will need time to visit these.

That will all roughly leave us about 2 months to travel through the European countries, which seems about right.  Roads will be much swifter, but there is plenty that none of us have ever seen and are keen to visit.

Hopefully we will end up in South Africa roughly the end of May 2016 with a return to the UK date of late June, early July 2016.


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